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Books & Software Engineering

The best four books around the topics "Better Code, Better Software Development". They are not brand new books, but as of 2020 I don't know any better books in the area of Software Engineering. Please let me know if you find any noteworthy newer books about Software Engineering.

The Art of Readable Code, Dustin Boswell, Trevor Foucher, 2012

The Pragmatic Programmer, Andrew Hunt & David Thomas, 2000

Code Complete 2, Steve McConnell, 2004

Clean Code, Robert C. Martin, 2009

Soon available, my own book: Software Engineering Experience

During my teaching at HSR (www.hsr.ch, newly changing its name and organization to 'Fachhochschule Ost' www.ost.ch) I prepared a set of lecture notes for the courses "Software Engineering 1" and "Software Engineering 2". For Copyright reasons these lecture notes cannot be distributed outside HSR. I just finished turning these lecture notes into a book - in German, and I hope to be finished with the english version by the end of 2021.

Software Engineering Experience:   (Download the free book PDF - so far only in German, 330 pages, 300 illustrations, 27MB PDF)


Retired! For many years www.solidsoftware.ch was my business home. During more than 40 years I have worked in varouos roles as: software architect, programmer, CTO, project lead, IT consultant und teacher for Software Engineering. My education: Dipl. Informatik-Ing (BSc, NTB), Master's Degree in Software Engineering (Boston), Dr.sc.tech. in Computer Science (ETH Zurich).

2018/2019 I closed shop (website still reachable) for I have reached the legal drinking age. Now I enjoy not having to work anymore. If you are still interested in me (professionally) I would be happy to answer any enquiries (see contact data).


Some of my trips I have documented as a website (yes, I know, very much old school). Here are the links:

Hiking the Sahara with camels (Morocco, December 2002)

Paragliding in Kenya (January 2006)

Cuba Roundtrip (January 2016)

Trip to Lyon/Bordeaux/Cognac (September 2017)